Health Care Committee

Strategic mission:   The primary objective is to advertise that the city of Encinitas has an incredible story to tell in the medical community. We want people to “shop locally” for health care practitioners, as world-class solutions are right here in Encinitas.

The Health Care Committee is growing rapidly, as there are almost 40 members at last count. We have decided to allow the Committee to grow, as long as we can add members who will add value to achieving our objectives and to broaden the scope of the medical solutions we will be representing.

Goals:  Encinitas Chamber of Commerce agreed to pursue the following goals and set strategies for achieving them.

  • Community Education – bringing health practitioners together to help educate the community about emerging issues
  • Collaboration & Networking – providing a forum for the healthcare community to get to know each other and form partnerships to drive community health and business
  • Marketing & Promotion – using the website and networking opportunities to co-market Encinitas providers and to encourage citizens to stay in Encinitas for their health care
  • Advocacy – using Chamber of Commerce Health Care Committee member expertise to work with elected officials to pass legislation that is beneficial to health care and local business
  • Create a medical directory to be hosted by the Chamber
  • Create Facebook and Linkedin to allow members to more effectively communicate with one another
  • Create a template for each member to produce a profile of themselves and their practice, which can be posted on the website.
  • Discuss advertising opportunities on the website and other media venues

Encinitas Chamber of Commerce

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Sunday, February 25, 2018