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mediaAdvertisingOnline Advertising Options:

Profile: Have a page on the Chamber site that is all about your business helps you with search engines and increases your businesses exposure.
Cost: $300 per year ($25 per mo.)

Zone 1
Profile page + side bar graphic ad
Ad Size: 125 x 125 jpg or gif
Placement: Interior website pages  Zone 1 pages
rotation basis.
Cost: $420 ($25 pg + $10 pr  ad= $35 per month)

Zone 2
Profile page + side bar graphic ad
Ad Size: 125 x 125 jpg or gif
Placement: Top level page Zone 2, rotation
Pages: home, events, directory, and community. Highest trafficked pages
Cost: $540 ($25 mo. pg + $20 pr month ad= $45 per month)

Zone 3
Profile page + graphic bar ad
Ad Size:  300 X 61 jpg or gif
Placement: Top of all pages Zone 3, rotation
Cost: $720 ($25 mo. pg + $35 pr month ad = $60 per month)

Zone 4
Profile Page + Video + side bar graphic ad zone 1
Video: YouTube Ready
Ad Size: 125 x 125 jpg or gif, rotation
Cost: $900 ($25 pg + $40 per video + $10 pr month ad = $75 per month)

Option :   Sidebar Ad Zone 1 and 2
Buy 2 ad spots to get 300px × 148px graphic
or buy more ads to show up more in the rotation.

Member supplies photo, text and logo in electronic format to Encinitas Chamber website management at Logo and images to be in jpeg format at 72 – 100 dpi and profile text you would like to display in either word or notepad.

If you need help with the writing of your profile page or graphics an additional charge will be incurred depending upon the amount of writing  and/or graphic time  necessary billed seperatly.

All Advertising is sold on a annual basis beginning January 1st to December 31st.

Cut off: July 1st: advertiser signups will be prorated for the remaining calendar year with sign up for the following calendar year. (5months + next year ad unit purchased.)

Advertising Payment Due on Sign Up:

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